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Shkendija missed two penalties but still managed to extend the lead over holders Vardar on plus 11 points, Skopje lost 3 points by conceding a 90 minute goal and than missing a penalty, while Pobeda and Shkupi shared the points in a high scoring match. Sileks and Pelister did not play their game due to snow, while Rabotnichki defeated Vardar in the Skopje derby played on Saturday.

photo by KF Shkendija: Hasani celebrates the winner


The game in Tetovo did not go as planned for Shkendija as after just 21 minutes they were left with 10 men since Enis Fazlagikj got sent off. Akademija Pandev was defending well featuring 6 defensively oriented players in the starting eleven. Shkendija even missed two penalty kicks while the score was goalless. First captain Ferhan Hasani hit the post before the break, while ten minutes into the second half top goalscorer Besart Ibraimi failed to beat Nikola Vujanac. The visitors were also downed to 10 men as Konstantin Cheshmedjiev got a red card when he made the penalty. The game winning goal was eventually scored 11 minutes before time thanks to Hasani.

Gradski stadium in Tetovo
Shkendija – Akademija Pandev 1:0 (0:0)
Goals: 79′ Ferhan Hasani
Shkendija: 1. Zahov; 6. Cuculi, 15. Musliu, 33. Adili (36′ 11. Shefiti, 62′ 14. Radeski); 18. Stênio Júnior, 22. Fazlagikj, 5. Alimi, 4. Bejtulai; 10. Hasani (C); 7. Ibraimi, 20 Emini (75′ 8. Totre).
Akademija Pandev: 1. Vujanac; 18. Varelovski, 4. Dimov, 16. Ganchev, 5. Iliev; 10. Atanasov (C), 77. Cheshmedjiev; 3. Atanaskoski (82′ 99. Skenderi), 8. Stoilov, 18. Velinovski (60′ 22. Grifoni); 17. Krstovski (68′ 9. Mishov).
Yellow cards: Bejtulai, Alimi, Stênio Júnior (Sh), Dimov, Varelovski, Atanasov (AP)
Red cards: 21′ Enis Fazlagikj (Sh), 53′ Konstantin Cheshmedjiev (AP)
Referee: Dejan Jakimovski (Skopje)

Interesting match was played between bottom placed Skopje and Renova. With only one win this season, Skopje were hoping to mark they second, and they missed a great opportunity to do that. Despite playing with 10 men as Filip Janevski picked up a second yellow card in the 67th minute, ten minutes before the end French international Joël Bopesu brought the lead for the home team. The visitors equalized in the 89th minute through defender Medjit Neziri, but that wasn’t the end as Skopje had been awarded a penalty kick deep into the stoppage time. Bopesu took the ball to the spot, but his shot went so wide over Matija Kobetić’s goal.

Avtokomanda stadium in Skopje
Skopje – Renova 1:1 (0:0)
Goals: 80′ Joël Fey d’Or Bopesu – 89′ Medjit Neziri
Skopje: 1. Stefanović; 6. Lichina, 16. Pecov, 14. Mounpain, 7. Janevski, 8. Aleksovski, 10. Desnikj, 11. Koffi (70′ 2. Kocev), 9. Petkovski (C), 3. Bopesu, 18. Nastevski (36′ 17. Demir).
Renova: 41. Kobetić; 18. Mishkovski, 6. Neziri, 24. Stojanov, 5. Kostov, 29. Cvetanoski (75′ 23. Nafiu), 7. Sadiki, 17. Fernando Silva (67′ 30. Lucas Meireles), 19. Temelkov (55′ 8. Jusufi), 10. Nuhi (C), 16. Stojanovski.
Yellow cards: Janevski (S), Nuhi, Stojanovski (R)
Red cards: 67′ Filip Janevski (S)
Referee: Zorancho Temelkov (Kavadarci)

Ten minutes after the initial whistle and Shkupi was already leading with 2:0. Bosnian-austrian international Toni Tipurić and Ermedin Adem were the scorers. Adem could have sealed the victory in the 15th minute, but his penalty got saved by Darko Tofiloski. Three minutes before the break Rron Broja brought down Ivan Ivanović allowing Pobeda to come back in game as Filip Najdovski converted the penalty kick.

In the second half Pobeda introduced experienced striker Blagoja Geshoski who scored a brace turning the result in favor of the hosts. Meanwhile, Adem got his second yellow card leaving Shkupi with 10 men. However, the the player disadvantage did stop the visitors to score an equalized with a beautiful lob by Turkish international Emre Can five minutes from time.

Pod Tumbe Kafe stadium in Bitola
Pobeda – Shkupi 3:3 (1:2)
Goals: 42′ (pen) Filip Najdovski, 52′, 77′ Blagoja Geshoski – 4′ Toni Tipurić, 7′ Ermedin Adem, 88′ Emre Can
Pobeda: 1. Tofiloski (C); 2. Jaćimović, 3. Danoski, 15. Krsteski, 16. Loga, 5. Najdovski, 17. Isaevski, 7. Ivanović, 8. Dimitrioski (46′ 19. Spirkoski), 10. Lucas Silva (46′ 9. Geshoski), 18. Trajkoski (58′ 21. Naumoski).
Shkupi: 1. Zendeli (C); 7. Ljamchevski, 16. Krivanjeva, 17. Tipurić, 4. Malikji; 14. Broja, 20. Adem; 8. Shabani, 23. Stojkoski (89′ 11. Ismailji), 29. Asani (46′ 25. Emre Can); 18. Ilijoski (61′ 89. Jasharoski).
Yellow cards: Dimitrioski, Isaevski, Najdovski, Krsteski, Tofiloski, Jaćimović (P), Adem, Ljamchevski, Emre Can (Sh)
Red cards: 58′ Ermedin Adem (Sh)
Referee: Dimitar Mechkarovski (Skopje)

The last game scheduled for today wasn’t played. Sileks and Pelister were supposed to face each other in Kratovo, but due to snow the game never kicked-off. At the other games as well snow was present, but only this got postponed. So far it in unknown when it will be played having in mind that it is the second game involving Sileks that has been postponed this half-season.

The snow at the stadium in Kratovo; photo: Aberdzija

This round started on Saturday with the Old Skopje derby between Rabotnichki and Vardar. The red and white team celebrated a 2:1 win allowing Shkendija today to extend the lead at the top to 11 points. To read about this derby, click here.

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