Macedonian Cup

Will Vardar and Miravci play in the cup?

Macedonian CupWill Vardar and Miravci have the right to play in the national cup?

After the merging of Vardar and Miravci, a question has risen. Will the new subjects be able to compete in the national cup? A member of our forum who is well-informed about FFM’s procedures has reminded of the situation in 2008 when Bregalnica Stip and Alumina merged. Bregalnica should have played against Horizont Turnovo but since they were a new subject who were not competing in last season’s league competitions, they were not able to play.

Same situation is happening again. Vardar and Miravci are now new subjects and they weren’t competing in last season’s league competitions. Vardar got 11 Oktomvri while Miravci got Drita in the first round of the cup.

It remains to be seen whether FFM will allow these teams to play in the cup or their opponents will be automatically in the next round.

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