W Macedonia: Big win in Riga (Video)

The Red Lynxes defeated Latvia in a seven-goal thriller in the Latvian capital city of Riga.

photo by LFF: Ana Milchevska battles with Karlina Miksone

Aleksandar Andov gets first win in the first match as manager of the Macedonia women’s national team.

Miksone scored the opener in the 7th minute after a good individual attack. Macedonia actively tried to fight back, and the created pressure gave a result already in the 17th minute when Rochi took a shot and an unsuccessful ricochet forced Nesterova to capitulate. In 32nd minute after a corner kick for our captain Andonova, Ročāne made an unsuccessful attempt to clear the ball, sending the ball into her own goal. Andonova took similarly shot after another corner kick in the 32nd minute, when Nesterova didn’t reach the ball and allowed it to find its way into the goal.

The hosts started the second half with active efforts in attack. Poluhoviča scored in 63rd minute after Miksone’s pass from the middle of the penalty area and once again brought the team closer to a one-goal deficit. Macedonia restored the advantage of two goals in 69th minute, again after corner kick, when Milchevska took a shot, the ball hit Gornela and went into the goal. In the 76th minute Miksone scored her second goal after Voitāne’s cross with a head and set the final result of the match.

Overall, this was the fourth win in the fourth match against Latvia. On April the 9th, our next opponent is Slovenia.

April 5th – LNK Sports Park in Riga Latvia
Latvia Latvia – Macedonia Macedonia 3:4 (1:3)
Goals: 7′, 76′ Karlina Miksone, 63′ Anastasija Poluhoviča – 17′ Gentjana Rochi, 25′ (og) Anastasija Ročāne, 32′ Natasha Andonova, 69′ (og) Anna Kristine Gornela
Macedonia: Berna Kabakchi, Radica Velkova, Pavlinka Nikolovska, Gentjana Rochi, Aleksandra Markovska (72′ Hava Mustafa), Ulza Maksuti, (C) Natasha Andonova, Marjana Naceva, Elena Paneska (62′ Ane Bosheska), Viktorija Nedeva (78′ Elena Petrovska), Ana Milchevska. Coach: Aleksandar Andov
Latvia: Sofja Nesterova, Linda Paula Linina, Viktorija Zaičikova, Anastasija Poluhoviča, (C) Anastasija Ročāne, Sandra Voitāne, Olga Ševcova, Anna Kristine Gornela (88′ Anastasija Čemirtane), Marija Anna Valaka (67′ Diāna Suvitra), Karlina Miksone, Anastasija Vainere. Coach: Romans Kvačovs


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