Vlatko Kostov resigns as Bregalnica manager

Veteran coach Vlatko Kostov has departed Bregalnica after the club lost its fourth consecutive game on Saturday.

Vlatko Kostov, who was viewed as the savior for Bregalnica last season by helping them avoid relegation, has left the Shtip-based team after Saturday’s 2:0 loss to Vardar. That was Bregalnica’s fourth consecutive defeat, so Kostov handed in his resignation.

Vlatko Kostov; photo: Stipski Asovi

Kostov is from Shtip, so that is his hometown club. He played there during his playing career, and then coached them as well. However, Kostov was not happy with ownership for refusing to sign any new strikers or midfielders during the summer. Bregalnica has had a difficult time scoring goals.

So, Kostov announced his resignation after the Vardar game on Saturday. He wrote a lengthy post on his Facebook profile to express his gratitude to Bregalnica and to wish them well in the future. Kostov said that he decided to leave now because the international break is coming up. That will give Bregalnica some time to find a quality replacement before their next match on September 13.

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