Vardar’s suspension prolonged

 The football federation of Macedonia has prolonged Vardar's suspension, which means Vardar will start the spring season. On the other hand, Pobeda, Vardar Negotino, Ohrid and Kozuf will have to pay. Milano and Madzari have payed their debts.

Vardar will play against Turnovo. One worry less for the football federation and, truly, for the football lovers. The federation has decided to prolong the suspension of Vardar upon the club's request because of bad financial situation and recent turnovers in the management. Vardar was suspended because of the debt of 53.000 euros towards Cementarnica for Aleksandar Vasoski's transfer. Apparently, Cementarnica and Vardar had a deal for Cementarnica to earn certain percent of Vasoski's next transfer from Vardar. Vasoski joined Eintracht Frankfurt in 2005, and the dispute between Vardar and Cementarnica is still ongoing. On the official website of the football federation it is reported that this decision is brought for the sake of football and because in the past similar decisions have been brought for other teams, too.

However, Pobeda, Kozuf, Madzari and Vardar Negotino are still suspended and if they don't show a proof of payed debts, the referees on mentioned teams' matches' will not allow a start.

Milano have payed the debt towards Rabotnicki and Madzari have also payed the costs, so their suspension is removed.


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