Vardar held on to win the Super Cup trophy

Vardar wins Super Cup over Teteks

Vardar held on to win the Super Cup trophyIn a match that was boycotted by the fan groups of both Vardar and Teteks, the former celebrated a 1:0 victory to claim the Super Cup trophy.

The Vardar fan group “Komiti” boycotted the game after they encountered police altercations in the Vardar – Steaua game played last week, while the Teteks fan group “Vojvodi” boycotted since it is speculated that the club’s management is contemplating moving the team to Skopje from Tetovo.  Thus, only few fans showed up for the Super Cup encounter which signifies the near start of a new league season.  The participants in the Super Cup were the defending domestic title champions, Vardar, and the defending domestic cup champions, Teteks.

Both Vardar and Teteks seemed to lack motivation as the 1st half was a rather dull affair with both teams lacking initiative.  At the start of the 2nd half, Vardar brought on Filip Petrov who scored the lone goal of the game in the 54th minute.  Dragan Gjorgiev made a simple pass from the right to Petrov who unleashed a shot to the bottom left corner for the lone strike.  After the goal, Vardar took control and had several more chances to extend the lead, but they were wasteful in front of goal and the score remained at 1:0.  At the conclusion of the match, former Vardar manager and current FFM President Ilcho Gjorgjioski presented each member of the club with a medal, and then handed the Super Cup trophy to the club.

Midfielder Miroslav Jovanoski, who recently joined Vardar from Teteks, made his debut for the club against his former team.  Striker Jovan Kostovski wore the captain’s armband for Vardar in what was likely his last game for the club.  He is expected to transfer abroad.  After the end of the game, television station MRT asked Kostovski whether he will stay with Vardar, and Jovan only said “we’ll see” regarding his future.

Teteks, on the other hand, is likely to face an exodus of players leaving the squad now that the club has been eliminated from the Europa League qualifications and the Super Cup has concluded.  Despite winning the domestic cup last season, Teteks had a disastrous league campaign that resulted in relegation.  Therefore, many of the players will look to latch on with other first division clubs instead of playing in the second division.

Vardar – Teteks 1:0 (0:0)
Scorer: 54′ Petrov
Vardar: Zahov; Reljić, Bojović (66′ Tanevski), Dimitrovski, Lazarevski; Jovanoski, Petrović; Stojkov, Simjanoski (46′ Petrov), Gjorgiev (83′ Gimenez); Kostovski.
Teteks: Manchevski; Toshevski, Bejtulai, Kralevski, Krsteski; Despotovski (Uroshevikj), Nachevski, Bozhinovski, N. Petkovski (Saveski); Ristovski, F. Petkovski.

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