Vardar boycotts, fields 10 U21 players against Sileks!

Vardar is heavily disappointed by FFM’s decision not to punish title rivals Shkendija for last round’s case when due to a red card they played 15 minutes without the necessary U21 player in the first half. Vardar announced that they will start a boycott to show their disappointment so they will face Sileks today with 10 U21 players in the first eleven.

The red and black team is not joking. They will play against Sileks with ten U21 players, the eleventh being keeper Igor Aleksovski who is not in this category because he is 23-year-old.

Coach Chede Janevski will have a tough job to get a good result. This decision is not his but was taken by the club’s board.

Vardar’s official starting line-up: Igor Aleksovski (23 yo); Filip Antovski (17), Nikola Serafimov (18), Mario Mladenovski (17), Todor Todoroski (19); Fitor Redjepi (17),  Ali Adem (17); Besar Iseni (21); Matej Cvetanovski (20), Jakup Berisha (18), Jovan Popzlatanov (21).

The bench is also filled with U21 players: Filip Ilikj (21); Viktor Peshevski (17), Bozhidar Mitrevski (17), Oliver Dishlievski (18), Jovica Radevski (18), Abdulhadi Jahja (18).

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