Uroš Matić visits Macedonian federation

Matić with the FFM presidentEarlier on Friday, NAC Breda midfielder Uroš Matić visited the headquarters of the Macedonian federation.

After our website was informed that Uroš Matić possessed Macedonian origin, we contacted the Macedonian federation to let them know. The Serbian born player, the younger brother of Chelsea midfielder Nemanja, has been told that Macedonia wants him on its national team, and today he visited FFM headquarters to have his questions answered.

Uroš met with FFM president Ilcho Gjorgjioski in what was described as a positive meeting. Gjorgjioski talked about the current situation within the national team and how Matić would fit in if he were to represent Macedonia.

Gjorgjioski seemed optimistic that Matić will defend the colors of Macedonia. He will need to take out some documents and obtain a Macedonian passport. That was actually one of the main reasons for his visit. Gjorgjioski will try to expedite the process of him getting a Macedonian passport if Matić gives the green light to representing Macedonia.

As a reminder, you can read our detailed interview with Matić here.

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