U21: Austria – Macedonia 2:0

The U21 national team of Macedonia lost the fifth consecutive game in a row, this time with 2:0 on the road against Austria.

photo by FFM: Macedonia vs. Austria U21


In a game where our U21 national team was lead by Robert Stojanovski and Zvonko Zlatanovski due to suspension on Blagoja Milevski, Macedonia once again failed to stop the series of losses in the current qualifying tournament.

Milevski made only 2 changes in the starting lineup from the game against Russia: Esmin Lichina got to start as a replacement for Amanovikj who was now suspended due to red card, while captain Tihomir Kostadinov was brought back in the squad (after having missed out the Russia game due to suspension) on the place of injured Besar Iseni.

The first half lacked action on the both sides as there were not many decent chances created. Austria dominated the possession but failed to threaten. The game picked up in the second half with Macedonia being the first one to threaten by a shot from a long range by Nikola Gjorgjev which hit the crossbar. However, that was the closest Macedonia got to scoring and the only good opportunity we created throughout the whole game. As the time passed Austria started making more and more pressure to break the score, which finally resulted with a goal in the 65th minute through Mathias Honsak. The same player then doubled the score only 8 minutes later to put Austria in a confident lead and to secure victory. After the second goal the action on the field rather decreased, which the Macedonian coach used as an opportunity to give Omar Imeri and Milan Ristovski a chance to make a debut for the U21 team, both of them being players which will also compete for the next qualifying tournament.

The qualifying tournament for Macedonia continues in September with the encounters against Serbia and Armenia, which might possibly be used as an opportunity to start switching to the next generation of players (born 1998 and later) especially after they now finished with their duties with the U19 national team.

BSFZ Arena in Maria Enzersdorf Austria
Austria Austria – Macedonia Macedonia 2:0 (0:0)
Goals: 65′, 73′ Honsak
Macedonia: 1. Jankov; 15. Stojanovski, 2. Sadiki, 5. Lichina, 3. Alomerovikj; 10. Kostadinov (C) (82′ 7. Abaz), 20. Zdravkovski; 17. Popzlatanov, 22. Gjorgjev, 9. Petkovski (67′ 4. Imeri); 19. Babunski (86′ 11. Ristovski).

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