U15: Macedonia finished 6th at Torneo delle Nazioni (Video)

The Macedonian U15 national team finished 6th at the 20th Torneo delle Nazioni Città di Gradisca d’Isonzo international tournament.

The tournament was held from April 25th until May 1st in several cities in Italy, Slovenia and Austria. Twelve countries took part in this tournament, divided into four groups. Our national team finished second in its group, therefore it played in the play-off from 5-8 place. In the first match Macedonia won 1:0 against Wales while in the match for the fifth place the team suffered a 2:0 loss against Italy.

Austria won the tournament by beating Slovenia in the final after penalty shoot-out.

Placement matches:

April 29th, Colussi stadiun in Cervignano del Friuli, Italy Italy
Macedonia Macedonia – Wales Wales 1:0 (0:0)
Goals: 52′ Fadilj Islamovikj
Macedonia: Denkovski; Atanasov, Mitreski, Ljachka, Petkovski, Mamuti, Cvetkovski, Rakipi, Staleski, Papaliski, Liotoski. Bench: Stojanoski, Grchevski, Djaferi, Masev, Islamovikj, Rufati, Georgioski, Sejdini, Stojkovski, Jordanoski, Petkov. Coach: Dragan Nachevski
Walles: no info. Coach: Drew Sherman / Richard Williams

Whole match:

May 1st, Comunale stadium in Rivignano Teor, Italy Italy
Italy Italy – Macedonia Macedonia 2:0 (2:0)
Goals: 16′ Jacopo Landi, 38′ Giovanni Bruno
Italy: Sonzogni; Evangelista, Del Fabro, Stocco, Rocchetti (C), Mercogliano, Jacopo, Amalfitano, Zanatta, Fustini, Martini. Coach: Enrico Battisti
Macedonia: Denkovski; Atanasov, Mitreski, Petkovski, Mamuti, Cvetkovski, Rakipi, Sejdini, Liotoski, Islamovikj, Petkov. Bench: Stojanoski, Grchevski, Djaferi, Masev, Staleski, Rufati, Georgioski, Ljachka, Stojkovski, Papaliski, Jordanoski. Coach: Dragan Nachevski

Whole match:

Gradisca d’Isonzo, Italy Italy
Slovenia Slovenia – Austria Austria 1:1 (9:10 p.s.o.)

3-4 place
Rivignano Teor, Italy Italy
Ireland Ireland – South Korea 1:3

5-6 place
Cervignano del Friuli, Italy Italy
Italy Italy – Macedonia Macedonia 2:0

7-8 place
Bilje, Slovenia Slovenia
Wales Wales – Czechia Czechia 5:1

9-10 place
Komen, Slovenia Slovenia
Romania Romania – Norway Norway 0:1

11-12 place
Renče, Slovenia Slovenia
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia – UAE United Arab Emirates 2:1

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