Turnovo – Bregalnica on Sunday

Due to the women’s U17 qualifications which are being held in Strumica and Turnovo, the Horizont Turnovo vs. Bregalnica Stip has been moved back a day to Sunday.

The game was originally scheduled for Saturday, 15 October but two of the women’s U17 national teams (Italy and Ireland) play at Kukus Stadium in Turnovo on Saturday so that is why the game between Horizont Turnovo and Bregalnica was moved back one day. 

FFM has decided for the game to start at 14:00 CET on Sunday.  Both teams are near the bottom of the table as Horizont Turnovo is in 10th place with eight points while Bregalnica is below them in 11th place with only five points after nine rounds in the Macedonian top division.

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