Trajce Nikov signed with Rabotnicki

Goalkeeper Trajce Nikov has signed with Rabotnicki to provide some depth at that position.

From an informed source close to Rabotnicki, we can announce that Trajce Nikov has been signed by the club to provide some depth and experience to the goalkeeper position.  Rabotnicki is very young and inexperienced at that position as the three keepers on the roster are 18, 17, and 16 years old, respectively.  The 18 year old Tigran Kandikyan is currently out with an injury, 17 year old Stole Dimitrievski is the starter but there has been speculation that he is pursuing a transfer abroad, while Damjan Siskovski is only 16 years old and although he possesses talent, it might be too early to count on him becoming a starter at such a young age.

Nikov spent last year with fellow Macedonian club Metalurg where he was in a competition with Andreja Efremov.  However, Nikov will have to sit two months before he could play for Rabotnicki because Metalurg does not want to free up his documents even though Nikov has paid the money needed to get out of the contract.  Nikov will turn 24 in one month and will eventually join Rabotnicki to provide some guidance to the three young keepers and also provide cover if the pressure gets too much for the three teenage keepers on the roster.

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