Toshack announced the 19 players for Russia game

Toshack (middle) announced the squad for Russia game; photo: the list of 23 players, Vlatko Grozdanoski, Darko Tasevski, Vlade Lazarevski, and Muhamed Huseini were dropped and will remain in Macedonia.

Those four players will not accompany the team during their trip to Moscow for this Friday’s EURO 2012 qualifier against Russia.  All four players attended the trainings but manager John Toshack was focused on taking 19 players to Russia and he ultimately decided to drop Grozdanoski, Tasevski, Lazarevski, and Huseini.  Once the national team returns from Russia, the four players will rejoin the national team and they will be available for the home game against Andorra on 6 September 2011.

So, with those four players out of the picture, here are the 19 players who will make the trip to Russia:

Tome Pacovski
Martin Bogatinov

Daniel Georgievski
Nikolce Noveski
Vance Sikov
Daniel Mojsov
Igor Mitreski
Goran Popov
Robert Petrov

Velice Sumulikoski
Muhamed Demiri
Muarem Muarem
Agim Ibraimi
Aleksandar Trajkovski

Goran Pandev
Ivan Trickovski
Ferhan Hasani
Mirko Ivanovski
Samir Fazli

The Macedonian national team will begin their journey for Russia early in the morning tomorrow and they should arrive in Russia at around 13:30 local time.  Later in the day, John Toshack has also scheduled one training for the national team.

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