Toshack and FFM strongly deny Serdar Aziz reports

John Toshack was not happy with the comments by Serdar Aziz; photo: John Toshack and the Football Federation of Macedonia (FFM) strongly denied reports about Serdar Aziz being contacted by Toshack.

John Toshack was not happy when he read Serdar Aziz’s recent comments in Turkish newspaper Hürriyet.  Both Toshack and FFM denied contacting Serdar Aziz and criticized the player for using the Macedonian national team for good marketing.

Toshack told FFM’s official website the following, “To promise some player that you will help him make a transfer to Real Madrid or Barcelona is unrealistic and laughable.  It is even more unrealistic when some player used this phrase, my name, and the Macedonian national team to make good marketing for himself.  I flatly affirm that I have neither called Serdar Aziz nor have I offered him such a thing.  Unfortunately, this is yet another case of my name being used for personal benefit.”

FFM backed Toshack and said there was no truth to these reports about Serdar Aziz.  FFM reiterated that the federation is aware of players that play abroad with Macedonian origins but they only contact players who can raise the rating of Macedonian football.  When it comes to Serdar Aziz, FFM mentioned that the player has never been contacted and strongly denied reports by Aziz that he was approached by Toshack and declined the offer to play for the Macedonian national team.

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