Time for a home win

 Its been hell of a long long time ago since Macedonia won a home match, probably most of the Macedonian fans don’t even remember when was that, and who can blame them for not remembering such a rear occasion because that was way back in August 2004 against Armenia. If we just knew in that moment that for our next victory we need to wait years to come maybe we would celebrate a bit more that time.

If we compare the home and away results hardly can somebody believe that is a same team and it’s really hard to explain why we just can’t win at home. I can understand the players get much more pressure for the home games and the conditions on our best stadium are nowhere near the conditions on the stadiums across Europe but that shouldn’t be the excuse for this bad run. Anyway sooner or later the home win will come at some point but lets make sure it’s happen sooner rather than later. I do believe that at the moment we have a good squad with some very talented young players and that we are very capable of winning against Israel, especially with the fact that their best players are not playing because of suspension. But we don’t need to worry to much who plays for them and who not, all we need to do is play a attacking football, try to put Pandev and Naumoski  on the ball as much as possible and hopefully with a full stands and great atmosphere the result will come.

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