The fights continue

 The fights on the football fields in Macedonia continue. But not fights for points, but fights in the real meaning of the word. The youth players of Cementarnica 55 were attacked and brutaly beaten by the fans of Sloga Jugomagnat and 5 of them ended up in hospital.

{mosgoogle} The youth finals were supposed to be played on the "Boris Trajkovski" stadium in Skopje. After the U17 final between Sloga Jugomagnat and Vardar, the fans of Sloga Jugomagnat got on the pitch to celebrate the trophy. In the mean time the players of Cementarnica 55 also entered the stadium to worm up for the youth final between Cementarnica 55 and Rabotnicki. At that moment the fans of Sloga Jugomagnat who were still on the football field tried to steal their jerseys and attacked the young players. The small number of police officers on the stadium were not able to stop the incident, so all of the Cementarnica youth players were beaten and five of them ended up in hospital.



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