The champion survived on “Tumbe Kafe”

 The big "Pelagonija derby" between Pelister and Pobeda was on the schedule of this round. The hosts were the better side, but the champion with a little help from the referee, escaped the defeat. After 7 rounds, Milano and Rabotnicki stayed on the top.

As expected, the Pelagonija derby took big interest between the fans in Bitola and Prilep, so 5000 fans came on the famous "Tumbe Kafe" stadium to watch the match. The Brazilian Machado Junior scored fantastic goal for Pelister in the 19th minute. The host had the control of the ball and created some good chances and even scored another goal, but it was disallowed by the referee Meckarovski who had big trouble leaving the stadium because of his decision. In the last minutes of the match, Manevski managed to equalize the score, so the champion Pobeda left Bitola undefeated.
Vardar finally stopped their bad row against Renova and managed to defeat them with the only goal scored by Savic. Sileks also broke their bad row and managed to win against Makedonija GP after more than 5 years. Natkov with his in the 65th minute brought the win for Sileks in Kratovo on the match that had 2 minute break after a dog had to be chased out of the pitch.
Cementarnica finally won a match with the great 3:0 win over the ir bottom table rivals Bashkimi. 
The leader Milano continued with their good performances in Tetovo, where this time they managed to win over Shkendija with 1:3.
In the closing match of the round Rabotnicki as expected managed to defeat Napredok in Kicevo with the goals by Trickovski and Pejcic.
23/09/07 Cementarnica
Spasovski 18, Filho 31, Angelovski 90
3-0 Bashkimi
23/09/07 Vardar
Savic 78
1-0 Renova
23/09/07 Pelister
Junior 19
1-1 Pobeda
Manevski 86
23/09/07 Sileks
Natkov 65
1-0 Makedonija
23/09/07 Shkendija
Mustafi 49
1-3 Milano
Miserdovski 48, Ilber 60, Isufi 65
25/09/07 Napredok 0-1

Trickovski 35, Pejcic 70

  Soccer, Macedonia, Prva liga 07/08  
Pos Team  Goals   Points        
1 Milano 7 16:4 17        
2 Rabotnicki 7 11:1 17        
3 Vardar 7 11:3 14        
4 Pelister 7 8:5 12        
5 Sileks 7 6:6 11        
6 Pobeda 7 6:4 10        
7 Makedonija 7 8:10 9        
8 Renova 7 6:8 8        
9 Bashkimi 7 7:12 7        
10 Napredok 7 7:16 5        
11 Cementarnica 7 5:12 4        
12 Shkendija 7 2:12 1        

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