Teteks wins Macedonian Cup

Teteks players celebrate with the trophyTeteks beat Shkendija on penalties and for the second time won the Macedonian Cup.

The team that got relegated from the First League won the Macedonian Cup and this summer will participate in the Europa League qualifications as a Second League side.

It was a cup final that was historic for several reasons: empty stadium, 4 assistants to the main referee (first time in macedonia) and ultimately an already relegated team winning the cup.

It was Shkendija who opened the score in the 15th minute when Muzafer Ejupi scored after a good counter attack. But later in the 27th minute goalkeeper Hadis Velii played with hand outside the box and referee Aleksandar Stavrev showed him the red card. With a player more, Teteks controlled the game and had the possession, but waited until the 68th minute to tied the score. Genc Hyseni gave a good ball to Darko Micevski who with a great shot tied on 1:1. The 90 minutes ended with a draw and the game went into extra time. Still no goals were scored and the winner had to be decided on penalties.

Ejupi was the first to miss as Vanche Manchevski saved his shot, but Shkendija’s young reserve keeper Besir Nuhiu denied Teteks the advantage as he saved Filip Despotovski penalty. All other penalties were score until the 7th serie when Manchevski saved Sedat Berisha’s shot and started celebrating.

For Teteks this is the second Cup trophy as so far the won the 2010 edition. Shkendija played in the final for a second time and still is without a win.

National Arena Philip II of Macedon
Teteks – Shkendija 1:1 (6:5 p.s.o.)
68’ Micevski – 15’ Ejupi
Referee: Aleksandar Stavrev
Teteks: Manchevski; Bejtulai, Kralevski, Krstevski, Blazhevski; Despotovski, Micevski (‘113 Drobarov), Jovanoski (’90 Nastevski), Bozhinovski (c); Nachevski (’65 Petkovski), Hyseni.
Shkendija: Velii; Murati, Cuculi, Berisha, Mishkovski; Huseini (c), Redjepi (‘113 Selmani), Polozhani (’78 Aliji); Taipi, Shakjiri (’27 Nuhiu), Ejupi.
Yellow cards: Bejtulai, Kralevski, Krstevski (T), Murati, Huseini, Redjepi, Polozhani, Aliji, Ejupi (Sh)
Red cards: 27′ Velii, Huseini (after the p.s.o)

Teteks 6
Nastevski O X Ejupi
Despotovski X O Aliji
Drobarov O O Selmani
Petkovski O O Cuculi
Kralevski O O Taipi
Manchevski O O Huseini
Hyseni O X Berisha

Match highlights:

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