Team of the first half-season 2014/15

Team of the first half-season 2014/15

Team of the first half-season 2014/15After reviewing the performances of 1.MFL players, we draw up a list of the best starting 11 along with 12 substitutions.

We compiled stats such as games played, goals, assists and clean sheets to determine which players deserved to be on the team. There were tough choices to be made on several positions, finally we decided to go with the following line-up in a 4-3-3 formation. Keep in mind that we considered just players who started at least in half of the possible games, besides it was important for us to take into account a suitable position for the players.


Andreja Efremov (Metalurg) – M17 GC18 CS8 Y0 R0
Like in the last ranking Efremov is again the starting goalkeeper. He is not the one who conceded the fewest goals, nevertheless he was the best and most consistent goalie.

Hovhannes Hambardzumyan (Vardar) – M17 G2 A8 Y4 R0
This was probably the easiest choice. Hambardzumyan scored 2 goals, provided 8 assists and was involved in the creation of some other goals. Without question a great signing by Vardar.

Boban Grncharov (Vardar) – M17 G2 A0 Y4 R0
Vardar conceded just 10 goals in 17 games and one of the main reasons was centre back Grncharov who fulfilled the expectations.

Team of the first half season 2014/15 Darko Velkovski (Rabotnichki) – M15 G3 A1 Y4 R0
Even though playing on a new position, Velkovski was good enough to make the best 11. Velkovski made some mistakes at the beginning of the season, but he quickly adopted to the new position. He stabilized his game in the defense and used his passing skills and technique to be a creator of Rabotnichki’s game.

Tomislav Iliev (Turnovo) – M17 G0 A0 Y4 R0
Iliev is not a well known player of the first league, yet he catched the left-back spot. Iliev normally is a right-back, but in Turnovo that place is in the hands of Aleksandar Varelovski, so Iliev got an opportunity on the other side where he showed quality in defense and offense. Mentioned by the way, Darko Glisić was on a good way to get this spot, but because of his injury he played too few games.

Nikola Gligorov (Vardar) – M16 G0 A1 Y3 R0
Gligorov rarely shines on the field, but he is an experienced defensive midfielder who knows what he has to do on the pitch. One of the reasons for Vardar’s good defensive game.

Stephan Vujcić (Rabotnichki) – M15 G0 A2 Y5 R0
Vujcić is a typical central midfielder, a player taking care of tasks in the defense and offense. Since arriving in Macedonia he is one of the best midfielders and a positive example for consistancy.

Artak Dashyan (Vardar) – M15 G4 A3 Y0 R0
Just like his teammate Hambardzumyan, Dashyan directly made a big impact in Vardar’s game and proved to be one of the best players in the league.

Marjan Radeski (Metalurg) – M16 G6 A1 Y1 R0
Despite beeing just 19 years old, Radeski is Metalurg’s best player. His stats are not outstanding, but one of the reasons is the overall lack of quality in Metalurg’s squad.

Aco Stojkov (Rabotnichki) – M11 G9 A1 Y0 R0
Stojkov made just 11 games, but he was so superior that it wasn’t possible to ignore him. Rabotnichki started slow in the season, but Stojkov’s arriving gave the team a big thrust.

Bojan Vručina (Shkendija) – M17 G12 A5 Y4 R0
Vručina is the best goal scorer so far, nonetheless it seems that he was able to do more. The offensive allrounder acts at times lethargic, moves too little, yet he showed enough to grab a place in the team.

GK Damjan Shishkovski (Rabotnichki) – M10 GC9 CS5 Y1 R0
From time to time Shishkovski shows weaknesses, but this is normal for a goalie of his age. He demonstrated that he is a big talent and thus the result is his transfer to Gent.

GK Igor Pavlović (Vardar) – M17 GC10 CS10 Y0 R0
Pavlović conceded the fewest goals, but this was also a result of Vardar’s teamwork in the defense. Normally Pavlović is a reliable goalkeeper, but in the last months he made a couple of mistakes, therefore he grabbed only a spot on the bench.

RB Goran Siljanovski (Rabotnichki) – M15 G0 A3 Y5 R1
With Filip Ristovski, Angelche Timovski and Aleksandar Varelovski there are several interesting players on the right-back position, but we decided to hand out the spot to the versatile Siljanovski.

CB Zlatko Tanevski (Vardar) – M17 G1 A0 Y0 R1
Together with Grncharov, Tanevski was part of the best central back duo of the first league, thus he made the bench.

CB Yordan Miliev (Shkendija) – M15 G0 A2 Y2 R0
Shkendija showed less than expected and had also problems in the defense, but Miliev was one of the few consistent players.

LB Bojan Gjorgievski (Metalurg) – M17 G1 A1 Y1 R1
Like Iliev, Gjorgievski actually is a right-back, but due to absence of a classical left-back Gjorgievski received a chance at this position and thanked with solid work and consistence.

DM/CM Riste Markoski (Bregalnica) – M15 G3 A2 Y3 R0
Markoski was probably the best player in Bregalnica’s so far bad season. He is a complete midfielder, useful on both ends of the field.

AMC/CM Armend Alimi (Shkendija) – M13 G2 A1 Y5 R0
Alimi is one of the best players of the 1.MFL, but on the basis of different reasons he was in search for the best form.

RM Blagoja Todorovski (Rabotnichki) – M16 G1 A6 Y2 R0
Rabotnichki’s team is hardly to imagine without their captain Todorovski. Just a sample for consistency and team play.

AMC Izari Emini (Renova) – M16 G7 A2 Y5 R0
Emini is for years one of the better offensive players of the league and again he was Renova’s best player.

CF Marjan Altiparmakovski (Rabotnichki) – M17 G10 A2 Y2 R0
After a couple of years Altiparmakovski last season returned to Macedonia and he was far away from his form before his move to Greece, it seemed that his career was over. Last summer he signed for Rabotnichki and that proved to be a good decision, the forward is better than ever before.

CF Hristijan Kirovski (Shkendija) – M17 G8 A2 Y2 R0
Kirovski is not very quick or agile, but he is an experienced centre forward who knows how to score goals.

Legend: M – matches played; GC – goals conceded; CS – clean sheet; G – goals scored; A – assists; Y – yellow cards received; R – red cards received.

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