Tasevski and Levski lost the derby

Darko Tasevski and Levski suffered a minimal 1:0 road loss in the big Bulgarian derby against CSKA Sofia.

Darko Tasevski started in the playmaker position for Levski in a 4-2-3-1 formation.  Tasevski played the first 45 minutes but had a disappointing performance so the Levski manager substituted him at the start of the 2nd half by Sjoerd Ars.  Levski lost 1:0 against their heated in-city rivals with Romanian international Ianis Zicu scoring the only goal of the game in the 26th minute.

This loss could lead to changes for Levski.  The manager was already on the hot seat prior to the game and this loss will certainly not sit well with the Levski owner.  With the narrow loss, Levski dropped seven points behind CSKA Sofia on the standings.  CSKA now has 28 points at the top of the table while Levski is tied for fourth place with 21 points.

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