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ivan trickovskiThe daily Macedonian sports newspaper "Makedonski Sport" made a statistical recapitulation of the first half of the Macedonian First League. Ivan Trickovski from Rabotnicki was named as best player of the first part.

Player of the season: Ivan Trickovski
Team: Rabotnicki Kometal
Born: 18.04.1987 in Skopje
Career: Vardar, Rabotnicki
Team of the half-season:
Pacovski (Rab) – Bojovic (Var), Vajs (Rab), Stanisic (Rab) – Alomerovic (Mil), Nedzipi (Rab), Despotovski (Var), Gligorov (Rab) – Gligorovski (Mil), Trickovski (Rab), Kostovski (Var)  
Goals: 108 matches were played in the 18 rounds. 266 goals were scored or 2.46 per match.
Cards: 488 yellow cards were shown or 4.51 per match. There were 23 red cards or 0.21 per match.
Fastest goal: The Brazilan Ze Carlso Filho from Cementarnica 55 scored the fastest goal in the Macedonian league when in the 38th second he scored against Vardar.
Penalty kicks: There were 33 penalty kicks or 0.3 per match.
Attendance: Only 166500 fans watched the 108 matches and that’s miserable 1540 fans per match.

10 Kostovski (Var)
9 Trickovski (Rab)
7 Gjorovic (Pob)
Zivadinovic (Bash)
Ibraimi (Nap)
Gligorovski (Mil)

Man of the match:
6 Trickovski (Rab)
4 Ismaili (Ren)
Niceski (Nap)
Alomerovic (Mil)
3 D. Mojsov (Mak)
D. Blazevski (Pel)
Junior (Pel)
Stupic (Sil)

Average attendance:
1. Shkendija 5611
2. Renova 1977
3. Pelister 1922
4. Napredok 1777
5. Bashkimi 1555
6. Milano 1444
7. Pobeda 1233
8. Vardar 811
9. Rabotnicki 666
10. Sileks 555
11. Cementarnica 422
12. Makedonija GP 344

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