Gjoreski's tacke on Markov

Six month suspension for Sasho Gjoreski

Gjoreski's tacke on MarkovThe defender of 11 Oktomvri received a six month suspension by the Football Federation of Macedonia (FFM) for a brutal tackle on Gjorgji Markov in which he broke two bones in Markov’s right leg.

No professional football for Sasho Gjoreski over the next six months.  That was the decision brought by the disciplinary committee of the Football Federation of Macedonia after revising the incident that occurred during a first league match played in Prilep on 8 April of this year between 11 Oktomvri and Sileks.

In the 18th minute of that game, Gjorgji Markov had the ball when Gjoreski made a nasty tackle and broke both Markov’s tibula and fibula in his right leg.  Gjoreski was shown a direct red card for that tackle.  The 20-year-old Markov was immediately taken to the hospital and underwent an operation the very next day in Skopje.  The operation went well and Markov will be able to play football once again after undergoing a long period of rehabilitation.

The decision brought by FFM also means that the season is over for Gjoreski who committed that foul.  Gjoreski will be eligible to return after 10 October 2012.

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