Sedloski will get award in Prilep

Goce Sedloski was supposed to get his award from UEFA today but he asked the award to be given to him during the November friendly against Albania in Prilep.

Goce Sedloski had a change of mind and asked both UEFA and FFM to be given the award in his home city of Prilep.  Macedonia will take on Albania in a friendly in November and the match will be played in Prilep.  Sedloski felt that was the perfect place to get his award since he began his professional career in that city.  He was born in the village of Golemo Konjari where he began his career at the local club Bratstvo.  However, he made a name for himself while playing as a central defender for the highest profile club in Prilep which is FK Pobeda.

So, “Sedlo” will now get his commemorative cap and medal prior to November’s friendly between Macedonia and Albania in Prilep.  As a reminder, the award is due to Sedloski making 100 appearances for the Macedonian national team.

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