First League and Cup draw for season 2011/12

Season 2011/12 First League and Cup draw

First League and Cup draw for season 2011/12Today the draw for the upcoming season took place . The clubs found out their opponents in the First League and in the 1/16 finals of the Macedonian Cup.

Current champion Shkendija will start the new season away against Turnovo. The first big derby is in the second round as Vardar hosts Rabotnicki in the Derby of Skopje. Vardar is host of another derby, with Shkendija but in the round 9. The very next round the current champions will have another bid game, the Derby of Tetovo against Teteks.

First League, round 1, 30 July at 17.00 CET
Metalurg – Teteks
Horizont Turnovo – Shkendija
11 Oktomvri – Vardar
Rabotnicki – Bregalnica Stip
Napredok – Sileks
Renova – Ohrid

The first half of the seasons starts with the round 1 and ends with round 18 on 10 December 2011. The winter break lasts untill 3 March 2012 when the League continues with round 19. The season ends on 26 May 2012 with the last round, 33.

The draw for the 1/16 finals of the Macedonian Cup took place as well.

10 August at 17.00 CET, one leg match
Ljuboten – Rinija Gostivar
Mogila – Rabotnicki
Ohrid Lote – Shkendija
Lokomotiva – Napredok
Madzari Solidarnost – Skopje
Karaorman – Renova
Prespa – Tikves
Vasilevo – Sileks
Babi – Bregalnica Stip
Karbinci – 11 Oktomvri
Pobeda Junior – Horizont Turnovo
Drita – Miravci
Rufeja – Metalurg
Rudar – Pelister
Cementarnica 55 – Vardar
Treska – Teteks

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