Round 9: Turnovo – Bregalnica 3:1

Horizont Turnovo defeated Bregalnica Shtip in the opening match of the First League 9th round.

Horizont Turnovo finally won in the league after going more then a month without a win. They have hosted Bregalnica Shtip in the opening match of the First League 9th round and managed to celebrate a 3:1 win.

The match started slowly, with both teams maybe too careful in going in attack. The home team seemed like more the better team, but there were no particular goalscoring opportunities. The fans on Kukush stadium waited until the 37th minute to see the first goal on this match. Blazhevski got a good ball in the box, managed to control it and Bozhinov fouled him in the box while trying to steal the ball from him and referee Marjan Eckoski had no doubt pointing to the penalty spot. Blazhevski was also the executor of the penalty, successfully converting it into a goal by sending a strong, low shot in the middle. However, Bregalnica stepped up and had two chances through Velkovski for equalizing before half-time. Right when the half-time whistle was expected, Bregalnica’s captain Goran Zdravkov took a corner kick and central defender Darko Stojanov was highest in the box heading a ball home for a 1:1 draw.

In the second half, it was again Horizont Turnovo who seemed like the better team. Man of the match Dejan Blazhevski took a free-kick in the 51st minute. He opted for a low shot, the ball found its way towards Bozhinovski who only blocked it but Ejupi collected a rebound and scored the leading goal for his team. Since that moment, both teams had several chances. Horizont Turnovo were creating fast counter attacks and twice Pandev had chance to double his team lead and probably decide the winner, but he did not managed to score. On the other end, Dean Mitrev earned his second yellow card in 85nd minute and it was Bregalnica who then pushed higher up and tried to score. First, Zdravkov had a chance from free-kick but Dimovski saved his shot and the one after which came from the right side. As Bregalnica were attacking, it was actually Horizont Turnovo who managed to score third goal and put the game beyond doubt. Blazhevski received a great ball from Pandev and in a fast counter attack, managed to dribble past Igor Stojanov and scored his second goal of the match and set the final score of 3:1

With this result, Horizont Turnovo climbed up to 3rd place on the standings, while Bregalnica remained leaders but the remaining 5 fixtures from the 9th round are to be played tomorrow, at 15:30 CET.

Horizont Turnovo – Bregalnica Shtip 3:1 (1:1)
37′ (pen), 89′ Dejan Blazhevski, 52′ Muzafer Ejupi – 45′ Darko Stojanov

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