Round 24: Renova – Rabotnichki 0:2

 Rabotnichki payed back Renova for the defeat from couple of rounds ago and won 0:2 in the opening match of 24th round.

Rabotnichki are playing as a new team after the restart of the championship. Apparently, the signing of Zhikica Tasevski as manager and several new players, including Ilijoski, really helped the Debar Maalo club.

In the opening match of the 24th round, Rabotnichki have celebrated a 0:2 win in Tetovo, against Renova, revenging for the 3:1 defeat from couple of rounds ago. Bazhe Ilijoski scored the two goals for the winning side, both in the second half.

With this win, at least until tomorrow and the remaining matches, Rabotnichki have jumped to the 4th position and are now just 5 points behind third placed Metalurg.

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