Ristevski in the process of cutting ties with Tirana

Ristevski playing for Macedonia; photo: zimbio.comKire Ristevski will be departing KF Tirana this summer since he has not been paid by that club since moving there.

Clubs being unable to make payments to players is a major problem in the Balkan region. Players have valid contracts, but numerous teams then go against their word and fail to pay the agreed upon salary. Kire Ristevski is currently experiencing that problem since KF Tirana has not paid him since he signed with them this past winter.

Speaking to us, Ristevski said, “I am very disappointed in the club. It is not right and very unprofessional. I have not received a salary since signing with Tirana. They have been reported to FIFA and I expect to get my documents this upcoming Monday.”

At that point, his contract with Tirana will be terminated and Kire will become a free agent. Ristevski and his representative reported them to FIFA in order to recoup the money that is owed to him.

Ristevski had spent his entire career in the Balkans, in countries such as Macedonia, Albania and Bulgaria. We’ll see where he decides to continue his career in the summer.

First, though, Kire will join up with the Macedonian national team, beginning on June 5 when the squad gathers in Skopje. After the subsequent game against Slovakia on June 14, Ristevski will then shift his focus to sorting out his club future. It won’t be with Tirana, that much is known.

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