Riste Naumov two years in Viktoria Zizkov

Riste Naumov The 27 years old striker, Riste Naumov, joined Czech side FK Viktoria Žižkov. He signed a two years long contract that will keep him at the Viktoria Stadium until 2010.

Riste Naumov is born on the 14th of April 1981 in the city of Stip. He started his career at local club FK Bregalnica Stip and in 2000 he moved in FK Cementarnica Skopje where he won the Macedonian Cup in 2003. After winning the Cup he transferred to FK Vardar Skopje where he spent 3 seasons before moving on Cyprus at AS Omonia Leucosias. This January he moved to another Cypriot team, AS Athnikos Achnas. He played only half a season there, but managed to score 12 goals in 16 matches.

“I am content. The offer is very good and guilty for my arrival in Viktoria is the famous Czech striker Pavel Kuka who came couple of times on Cyprus to watch me play. I am hopping that I will score a lot of goals here as well. Czech is a beautiful country and I also hope that my games in Viktoria will bring me a better transfer in the future.” – said Naumov for Macedonian daily paper Makedonski Sport.

He is the second Macedonian player and striker that will play next season in the Czech 1. Gambrinus Liga. Goce Toleski is currently at SK Slavia Praha. In the same time, Viktoria signed another striker, the 20 years old Bae Hae-Min, a South Korean U-21 national team player.

Naumov have played three times for the Macedonian national team.

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