Rabotnicki – Teteks 2:3

altTeteks is the new cup champion. Tetovo team managed to win against Rabotnicki 2:3.

Tetovo can celebrate. Teteks have written a new page in history. In an exciting match they have manged to score one more then Rabotnicki and are the new cup winners.

Teteks and Rabotnicki played a match where the final outcome was predicted even before the match and wasn’t a surprise for many fans who have good knowledge of the current situation in the Macedonian football. 

The match started quiet. Teteks had 2 consecutive corners, but couldn’t threaten to Naumovski’s goal seriously. Ristovski had a chance from a free-kick in the 6th minute but only managed to hit the wall. Naumovski was faster then Iseni just after Radonjik’s ruined chance. Marko Jovanovski, Teteks’ goalkeeper, showed his best when he blocked a shot into a corner later in the match. Peev returned on the other side, but Naumovski also showed excellent abilities. The corner that followed Naumovski’s block brought a huge crowd into the box, but no Teteks’ player managed to push the ball into the net.

In the 30th minute Hyseni had the most serious chance of the match. He was one-on-one with Naumovski and could have easily chosen where to shoot, instead he decided to dribble, went far-right and wasn’t able to hit the net. Muarem and Tuneski had opportunities in front of Teteks’ goal but they didn’t hit their shots on target.

The second half started amazingly. Fernando Lopez’s hand-ball in Rabotnicki made Kiprijanovski whistle for penalty. Zaharievski scored a goal from the penalty which turned Teteks’ fans crazy. The atmosphere was ecstatcic through whole match, but Hyseni’s goal just minutes later for 0:2 was a reason more for the celebration to begin. The two quick goals came as a shock for Rabotnicki and they weren’t able to pull themselves up. Newly-entered Stojanovski used that and scored the third goal of the match for Teteks proving Teteks were no push-overs on the National Arena Philip II of Macedon. Nikola Gligorov managed to pull one back after excellent free-kick and Filip Petkovski returned the excitement when he lowered to 2:3 in 84th minute. Kristijan Sinkovik could have made it level in the 87th minute when he was one-on-one with Jovanovski but he didn’t direct his shot well. The two following corners for Rabotnicki was all they did until the final whistle.

Rabotnicki Skopje – Teteks Tetovo 2:3
National Arena Philip II of Macedon
Referee Vladimir Kiprijanovski
Goalscorers: Gligorov 70′, Petkovski 84′ (R) ; Zaharievski 46′ (p), Hyseni 49′, Stojanovski 64 (T).
Yellow cards: Muarem, Fernando (R); Zaharievski, Saveski

Rabotnicki: Naumovski, Bojović, Dimovski (78′ Todorovski), Fernando, B. Bozinovski (62′ Petkovski), Muarem, Adem, Fabio, Gligorov, Tuneski, Brnjarcevski (46′ Sinkovik).
Teteks: M. Jovanovski, D. Jovanovski, Ristov, Miskovski, Ristovski (64′ Saveski), Belcev, Ristevski, Zaharievski, Peev (46′ Stojanovski), Radonjik, Hyseni (77′ Jovanoski).

Gallery with pictures from the cup-final follows soon.

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