Preview: Round 5

title After a longer then planned break, the Macedonian football championship returns with a full round in offer.The fifth round is up next, scheduled for Sunday at 15.30 CET.

Pelister will be hosting Renova in Bitola. Pelister will certainly like a repetition of 22nd of April, earlier this year, when they celebrated a 1-0 win in Bitola over Renova. But at the same time, that is the only date of which they have good memories when playing against Renova. 7 other times Renova won and only once these teams shared the points. In period when Pelister’s players are training, then don’t training, play friendlies, then don’t play friendlies, it will be interesting to see how big motivation will they find to play against one of the biggest favorites for winning the title this season.

A clash between so far undefeated teams will happen in Turnovo, where Turnovo Horizont will meet Rabotnicki. Top of the table teams will play for the first place. Rabotnicki is first at the moment with 10 points, while Turnovo are on the third place with 8. Last season in Turnovo there were no goals, while in Skopje Rabotnicki celebrated two wins. 

Sileks should have a good opportunity to collect three points when they host Milano. Milano were weak enough so far, now when Alimi left the team, they will be even weaker. In the matches between these two Sileks never were the better side and they don’t have a win in 8 matches. That is why, this time they are favorites big time and it is expected to celebrate a win.

Newcomers Teteks will host wounded Metalurg. Although Metalurg’s initial ambitions were top of the table, they only have 3 points so far and haven’t noted a win. Teteks played good in their home matches and that is where they have gathered their 4 points. Certainly an interesting match in prospect between two teams who really need the points – the hosts because they mainly should rely on home games, the visitors because their ambitions are certainly not reached. They have the biggest budget in the league, but are only 10th in the standings.

Champions Makedonija Gjorce Petrov will be hosting the other promoted team Sloga Jugomagnat. Makedonija started a bit slow, but then with the huge victory over Vardar they have announced they are one of the top favorites once again. They are at the middle of the table at the moment but are rightly considered as favorites for this game. Sloga have gathered 5 points so far, just as Makedonija. Whether they will have the strength needed for winning points tomorrow, it remains to be seen.

And a derby between former champions, now in-crisis teams, will happen on the national arena. Vardar will be hosting Pobeda. Both teams are with problems and that is no secret. It is visible from the standings where Pobeda are not only last but have -1 point. Vardar are only 9th with one win so far won at home. Finances are problem for both these teams and that issue has reached a point where the playing of this match was put in doubt. However, everything seems fine regarding the kick-off of this match so far, so tomorrow we should see a match between the former champions.

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