Preview: Round 2

alt Round 2 is next in line in front of the match between the national teams of Macedonia and Spain. Derby will be played in Tetovo between Renova and Makedonija Gjorce Petrov and in Skopje Vardar and Teteks will remind us on the good old times.

Renova against Makedonija Gjorce Petrov is the match where most of the attention should go this weekend. Though it is only second round of the season, such match might prove crucial in the future, especially if we know that these two teams are one of the top favorites for topping the table in May 2010. Last season the match played in Tetovo between these two teams did not had a happy ending and it was interrupted earlier after bad scenes which we hope will not happen again. Makedonija once again returns to Tetovo after the away match i the first round against newcomers Teteks where they conceded a late equalizer. Renova in the first round expectedly won against Milano and is now facing the first real challenge for the season.

On National Arena Philip II in Skopje, with live broadcast on A1 TV, Vardar will be hosting Teteks in a match that should remind us of the old times. Teteks started with a 2-2 draw at home against the current champions with a late scored equalizer, while Vardar started with a 1-1 draw against Sileks, but with a late conceded equalizing goal. Teteks’ coach Jakimovski is having problems with the attacking force of his team after the new signings Levkov and Postolov got injured and it is a question whether they will be available for the upcoming match. After having won one point in the first round, both these teams should be looking for the three now, so this should be a good reason for the football fans to visit the national arena in Skopje where no tickets will be charged at entry.

In Prilep, Pobeda will be hosting Sileks. Pobeda lost in the first match this season, against Turnovo and showed weak play so Sileks on ‘Goce Delcev’ stadium will be a chance for a recovery. As previously stated Sileks stole a point in the dying minutes of the match against Vardar in the first round. Matches between these two teams have always been exciting and in the last 12 games Pobeda has 5 victories, while Sileks 4. However, the last match played in Prilep ended in a 1-2 win for Sileks. 

In Cair, promoters and three times champions Sloga Jugomagnat will finally have a match in the first league after 2005 when they got relegated. Table-leaders after round 1 Turnovo Horizont are visiting Sloga. Sloga in the first round did not produce a good play but with a defensive style managed to return undefeated from Bitola in the match against Pelister. Turnovo was the only team that managed to celebrate a victory at home in the first round.

The second match in Skopje will be between ambitious Metalurg and Pelister from Bitola. Metalurg managed to win a point from past season’s cup winners Rabotnicki on away match in the first round, while Pelister despite the domination showed bad realisation and failed to score against Sloga Jugomagnat. In the last season the mutual matches of these two teams ended wtih a win for each side and one draw. However, this season Metalurg are favorites because of their better squad compared to last season and it will not be a surprise at all if they celebrate a win on Sunday.

Because of their European match against Odense, Rabotnicki will be visiting Milano in Kumanovo on Tuesday. Milano will have a second chance on home pitch and once again it will be against a team with hopes for top of the table. After they lost to Renova, it will be Rabotnicki now and Rabotnicki always produced problems for Milano. Even when Milano was at its best we can only note one win in the past couple of seasons for Milano and everything else was in favor of Rabotnicki.

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