Macedonian Cup 2012 for Victoria

Preview: Macedonian Cup 2012 for Victoria

Macedonian Cup 2012 for VictoriaAnother tournament for Australian clubs with a Macedonian background is about to take place. This weekend, teams will gather for the annual Macedonian Cup which features clubs from the Australian state of Victoria.

After the Maso Cup that was played last month, now it’s time for the Macedonian Cup.  Nine clubs have confirmed their participation, led by the famous clubs Preston Lions and Altona Magic.  The host is the Lalor United Sloga from the city of Melbourne.  The teams are divided in three groups of three teams apiece.  The three group winners along with the best second placed team will advance into the semi-finals.  The matches will be played in two stadiums on Saturday, while the semi-finals and the final are scheduled for Sunday.  The Cup also features matches for reserve and women’s teams.

Group A
Group B
Group C
Preston Lions Altona Magic Sydenham Park
Lalor United Sloga Geelong Plenty Valley Lions
Shepparton Noble Park Keilor Wolves

The complete schedule (all times are local):

Saturday, 10th March
11.10am –  Keilor Wolves v Plenty Valley Lions
12.00pm – Altona Magic v Geelong
12.50pm – Lalor United Sloga v Preston Lions
1.40pm – Sydenham Park v Keilor Wolves
2.30pm – Geelong v Noble Park
4.10pm – Lalor United Sloga v Shepparton
5.00pm – Altona Magic – Noble Park
5.50pm – Preston Lions v Shepparton
6.40pm – Plenty Valley Lions v Sydenham Park

Sunday, 11th March
11.00am – Semi Final 1, Best Group Winner v Best Runner Up
12.10pm – Semi Final 2, Second Best Group Winner v Third Best Group Winner
2.20pm – Final


Group 1

Group 2
Preston Lions Plenty Valley Lions
Noble Park Geelong
Altona Magic Lalor United Sloga
Sydenham Park


 Group 1
Preston Lions
Keilor Wolves
Plenty Valley Lions


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