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Player Ratings: Macedonia – Andorra 1:0

Player RatingsAfter the win against Andorra, we compiled the player ratings of the Macedonian national team.  We tried to be objective and judge the players based on today’s game.  Keep in mind that a rating of 6.0 is considered average.

Martin Bogatinov:  Did not have much to do.  Most of the action was happening on the other end of the field as Macedonia controlled possession for the majority of the game.  Made a comfortable save in the 90th minute on a powerful shot from distance, thus preserving the clean sheet. 6.0

Daniel Georgievski:  Went forward in today’s game showing of his speed.  Daniel was not challenged much defensively but contributed to the offense with his fast runs down the right flank. 6.0

Vance Sikov:  It’s similar to all of the Macedonian defenders.  They did not have much to do since the action was on the other half of the field.  Sikov played a part in the only goal of the game when he got up high to win a header before the ball redirected off of Mojsov’s lower body to Ivanovski who did the rest by scoring the goal.  Marked his opponents well and won most duels in the air. 6.5

Daniel Mojsov:  Was actually credited with the assist as he made the final touch before the ball reached the goalscorer Ivanovski but it was more of a lucky bounce.  Should have done better on the header in the 30th minute when he sent it wide from a good position inside the area.  However, with an assist and being part of a clean sheet, he will get the same grade as Sikov. 6.5

Goran Popov:  Popov seemed to be the only one who battled in the 1st half.  Ran up and down the left flank all game.  Came close in the 23rd minute but his free kick was saved by the Andorra keeper.  Contributed to the offense as he spent most of his time further up the field since Andorra didn’t really test the Macedonian defenders. 6.5

Velice Sumulikoski:  Toshack decided to make Sumulikoski captain with Goran Pandev suspended for this game.  Like many of the players, played much better in the 2nd half.  Made some good interventions on several Andorra passes and came close on one occasion in the 1st half but his shot went wide of the goal. 6.0

Muarem Muarem:  Made his first start for the Macedonian national team.  His shot in the 34th minute almost surprised the Andorra keeper as he saw it late but was able to make the save. Lost his effectiveness as the game went on. 5.5

Ivan Trickovski:  Trickovski was active on the left wing.  He created several dangerous moments.  His free kick in the 45th minute struck the Andorra wall before going for a corner.  Showed nice skill in the 67th minute but became too unselfish by going for a pass instead of taking the shot himself.  Attempted several shots that went wide but Trickovski was a threat all game on the left wing. 6.5

Ferhan Hasani:  Had a couple of chances but the finishing let him down.  His first opportunity came in the 15th minute but he anticipated contact and sent his shot wide of the goal.  Should have scored in the 47th minute when he found some space but the shot lacked power and was straight at the keeper.  Had a good attempt in the 58th minute but it was saved by the visiting keeper from a tight angle.  Showed flashes of his talent and this was probably his best game with the national team. 6.0

Agim Ibraimi:  The biggest disappointment for Macedonia was Agim Ibraimi.  Hardly noticeable in the 1st half on the right wing and it was no surprise that Toshack substituted him at halftime when he brought on Aleksandar Trajkovski. 5.0

Mirko Ivanovski:  Had the first chance for Macedonia in the 2nd minute but his shot was saved by the Andorra keeper.  Was at the right spot for his goal before turning and slotting the ball to the back of the net.  Too selfish in the 80th minute when he tried to score from difficult position instead of passing the ball to Fazli.  Ivanovski plays with energy and battles for every ball. 6.5


Aleksandar Trajkovski:  Came on for Ibraimi at the start of the 2nd half.  Much more effective and made some good runs from the right side.  Sometimes tried to do too much but showed his talent and he will only get better with experience. 6.0

Samir Fazli:  Replaced Ferhan Hasani in the 68th minute.  Played as the lone striker up front for the remainder of the game.  Fazli challenged for headers and his strength gave some problems to the Andorra defenders.  Might have scored a goal in the 80th minute if Mirko Ivanovski opted to pass the ball instead of taking the shot from a difficult position. 5.5

Muhamed Huseini:  Entered the game in the 77th minute for Muarem.  Played in defensive midfield.  Did receive a yellow card in the 90th minute for a bad foul. 5.5

Overall, it was tough to give anyone a 7.0 rating, considering the performance in the 1st half.  Based on the 2nd half, some players performed very well and could have easily been given higher marks but these ratings are for the entirety of a game.  Send us a comment if you disagree with a rating for any of the 14 Macedonian players who participated in this game.

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