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Player Ratings: Azerbaijan – Macedonia 0:1

Player RatingsAfter the friendly against Azerbaijan, we compiled the player ratings of the Macedonian national team.  Five young players made their debut for Macedonia with veteran striker Goran Pandev scoring his 24th goal for the national team to record a minimal victory.  Keep in mind that a rating of 6.0 is considered average.

Tome Pacovski:  Made two important saves early in the game as Azerbaijan opened brightly during the first 12 minutes.  Pacovski nearly misplayed one long shot in the 2nd half but overall he did fine.  He managed to hold a clean sheet and it was a positive return to the national team after being on the sidelines for several months. 6.5


Stefan Ristovski:  The 19 year old Stefan Ristovski made his debut for Macedonia by starting at RB but he must play better, especially defensively.  Ristovski was the weak link on the defense and Azerbaijan created several opportunities on his side of the field.  Mistimed some sliding challenges and was fortunate to get bailed out by his teammates. 5.5

Vance Sikov:  Sikov made what turned out to be a smart foul in the 20th minute when he was the last defender and managed to prevent the charging Azerbajani player from getting past him.  He won most of his duels in the air and besides the bright early start by Azerbaijan, Sikov did fine as Azerbaijan failed to trouble the Macedonian goal. 6.0

Daniel Mojsov:  Similar performance to Sikov.  He made some good clearances and won most duels in the air against his opponents.  Azerbaijan failed to create a real opportunity in the 2nd half and Mojsov seemed to have a good understanding with Sikov. 6.0

Goran Popov:  Lively in the 1st half by running constantly up the left flank and creating problems for Azerbaijan.  Attempted some long range shots and his dangerous long throws from the left led to a goal and another big opportunity later in the game. 7.0

Muhamed Demiri:  Made a nice pass to Trickovski in the 15th minute which led to the first chance of Macedonia during the game.  Improved as the game went on but got tired in the heat and was substituted in the 77th minute. 6.0

Velice Sumulikoski:  Failed to control the midfield in the 1st half as Macedonia couldn’t keep consistent possession against their opponents.  Made a lazy foul in the 37th minute that resulted in a yellow card.  He had a disappointing performance and was eventually substituted in the 66th minute. 5.0

Ferhan Hasani:  Hasani was hardly noticeable in the 1st half but improved in the 2nd half.  Attempted a good shot in the 48th minute and seemed more comfortable in the 2nd half.  However, he got beat up as the game went on as he was hit in the chest by a powerful shot, took some bad fouls, and suffered from cramps.  He was substituted in the 86th minute. 5.5

Aleksandar Trajkovski:  The biggest disappointment during the game was the debut of Aleksandar Trajkovski.  Lost the ball on too many occasions and was not on the same page with the other attackers who seemed frustrated with Trajkovski.  He was substituted at halftime and Macedonia played much better during the 2nd half. 5.0 

Ivan Trickovski:  Created the first chance for Macedonia in the 15th minute when he made a nice turn before his shot was saved by the keeper.  He was pretty quiet for the rest of the 1st half but quickly attempted two shots in the 2nd half that showed his skill and potential.  Overall, Trickovski had an average game and was substituted seconds before Macedonia scored the only goal of the game in the 58th minute. 6.0

Goran Pandev: Scored the only goal of the game after a long throw in from the left reached him.  Made some good dribbles to get past opposing defenders but he was too quiet for a large portion of the game.  Seemed frustrated with some of his teammates and was angry at an Azerbaijan defender for constantly fouling him from behind.  However, the goal helped Pandev received a good rating. 6.5


Samir Fazli:  Showed much more than Trajkovski.  The team immediately began playing much better with his introduction in the 2nd half.  Showed some fighting spirit by aggressively battling for possession and that gave more energy to the rest of the team.  An okay debut from the 20 year old Fazli. 6.0

Vlatko Grozdanoski:  Played on the right wing after he came on for Trickovski in the 58th minute.  Should have done better in the 82nd minute after the ball reached him in the box following a long throw in from Popov. 5.5

Stefan Spirovski:  Came on for Sumulikoski in the 66th minute.  He wasn’t very noticeable during his time on the field as there was a lack of action and nether team was creating many chances. 5.5

Slavco Georgievski:  Replaced Muhamed Demiri in the 77th minute.  Again, both teams seemed exhausted dealing with the heat and Georgievski was not involved in any decisive moments.  Just like Spirovski, Georgievski is a defensive minded midfielder and both will receive the same rating since they did their job by Azerbaijan failing to create any real chances during their time on the field. 5.5

Vladimir Dimitrovski:  Entered the game in the 86th minute for Ferhan Hasani.  Did not play enough minutes to qualify for a rating. N/A

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