Goran Pandev

Goran Pandev: It’s the players’ fault

The captain of the national team and Macedonia’s most well known player, Goran Pandev, stated that the players must look one another in the eye and take responsibility for yesterday’s embarrassing 2:1 loss against Luxembourg.

Speaking to FFM’s website, Pandev expressed his disappointment with the loss to Luxembourg and put the blame squarely on the players.

He said, “Although we played poorly, we still had enough good chances during the game but unfortunately we failed to convert them.  I am embarrassed and ashamed that we allowed such a defeat in the dying moments of the game.  The desire for a win near the end of the match was huge, thus all players came forward in front of the goal of the opponents, but we forgot our defensive duties.  Manager John Toshack did everything possible in these past couple of days to motivate us and also prepare us with his tactics, but it did not translate to the field.  I think it’s time that this time, we as players, take the blame for such a defeat.  We must sit down, look one another in the eye, and explain, everyone together, what it means to wear the colors of the national team.”

Pandev went on to add, “Managers, in time of this generation, have changed often but we, the players, are largely the same so something is not right with us.  Also, as captain, I am ready to accept part of the blame.  I know that the pressure from the public will be huge in the next couple of days, but we, as professionals, are used to that because losses are part of football.  I expect all the players to accept the criticism and take responsibility for this embarrassing result, and in the future to honorably wear the colors of the national team since it is a privilege and dream for many footballers in Macedonia.  Otherwise, we should step down and make room for the younger and more ambitious players.”

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