Goran Pandev; photo: italpress.com

Pandev: I want to make Cavani best goalscorer

Goran Pandev; photo: italpress.comGoran Pandev talked about his Napoli and declared that if he ever leaves Napoli it surely won’t be for other Italian club.

In an interview for the Corriere dello Sport, Pandev talked about his return in the starting eleven against Roma and about his future at Napoli.


After a break because of the injury, he made his first start last Sunday against Roma in which he did a great job, assisting twice to Edinson Cavani in Napoli’s 4:1 win.

Corriere: Ok, it was a bit defilade…
Goran: Due to the injury that put me out of the field, but I never drawn back. Never. And when it happened to me I did what I learnt on my own. I make myself available to anyone, at Inter I even played as full back.

Corriere: Against Roma you showed your true skills.
And I liked it very much, not just because of the assists. Because I felt good, because I played great, because we won.

Corriere: So, as a great player you know what you want…
Goran: I love to win, like many other. And here I like it even more. I’m really into the Coppa Italia, I enjoyed it with different teams, I won other trophies with Inter as well, but Napoli will be my last Italian team: I want to win here.

Corriere: It seems like a statement with intentions.
Goran: Juventus are the favourites, but as people would say, it’s up to them to lose the Scudetto. They are on the top for a long period. Yes last Sunday they showed that they can lose. We made many mistakes, they can still do that as the season is getting the intensity, it acquires lots of physical energy and nerves.

Corriere: Will you accept if someone promisses you the winning of the Europa League and the second place in Serie A?
Goran: Absolutely not. Because I’m convinced in our potential, in what we are doing. And at this moment we are physically getting even better. It’s true that I don’t have the Europa League title and I don’t mind that, but why to give up of other things?

Corriere: Would you include Cavani among the great players?
Goran: I’ve played with Eto’o, Milito and Sneijder and he is up to their level. So he is a great player. He is hungry as I am, he wants to win everything and I hope I will help him to at least win the award for top goalscorer, where I think he is heading to. If that makes him the best goalscorer in Europe, even better. His goals are our luck.

Corriere: On the contrary, you also played with Balotelli.
Goran: A lad full of quality, an authentic champion. He has a character, how to say, exuberant, but he’s young and he will be understand. He is unique of his kind and I can see him being well here, because in this Napoli the extraordinary players are well accepted.

Corriere: Your contract expires in 2015.
Goran: I’m in this country for 12 years now and what I can say with certainty in that Napoli will be my last Italian club. I don’t know what will happen after that, but at home we have already talked: I can’t wear another short after this one.

Corriere: Looking at the championship: behind Juventus there is a big mess.
Goran: Lazio, Inter, Roma, Milan and Fiorentina: anyone of these can achieve something. Lazio is great under Petković: I left many friends there,especially Ledesma and Radu. It will be a grueling battle. But I think that Napoli has strength and must have self-confidence.

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