Tome Pacovski

Pacovski back as starting keeper for Beerschot

Tome PacovskiThe regular starting keeper for Beerschot, Stijn Stijnen, suffered a serious wrist injury yesterday in training that will likely keep him on the sidelines for six weeks.

Therefore, with the wrist injury to Stijnen, Pacovski becomes the starting keeper for Beerschot.  If Stijnen is sidelined for six weeks, as reported in Belgian media, Pacovski will have the opportunity to play in at least six games during that span.  Obviously, the injury is a bad break for Stijn Stijnen but now Tome Pacovski will have an opportunity to play and once again become a regular for the Belgian club.

Pacovski had a good league debut as he kept a clean sheet in today’s 2:0 win over Bergen.  His previous two appearances this season came in domestic cup matches but now Pacovski will also become the regular starter in league games with the injury to Stijnen.  Pacovski had a scary moment today in the 43rd minute when he collided with a teammate but Tome was able to continue after being down for several minutes.  His teammate, Sherjill MacDonald, was not as fortunate as Beerschot was forced to substitute him because MacDonald was unable to continue with his injury.

These upcoming games will be important for Pacovski to showcase his abilities to other teams.  Once Stijn Stijnen recovers from his injury in about six weeks, then he will likely return as the starter as Beerschot has been adamant that he is the starting keeper, if healthy.  Pacovski is also a free agent at the end of this season so he needs to use these games to show that he can still be a reliable starting keeper to other teams who may be interested in his services down the line.

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