Overview of Round 20 in 2.MFL East & West

The Lions from Gjorche took over the West top after Gostivar got defeated by Teteks on the road, while Lanunishta made a huge step towards avoiding relegation with a win over direct rivals Gorno Lisiche. In the East, Borec took over the promotion play-off spot after Shtip’s Blues were held to a goalless draw in Kochani.

photo by Pavle Simovski: moment of the match featuring Teteks and Gostivar

Teteks this half-season is a killing machine for the promotion candidates. After Struga and Vlazrimi 77, this time it was Gostivar who fell in Tetovo. Thanks to this defeat they also also the top to Makedonija GjP who celebrated away to local rivals Lokomotiva.

Labunishta hosted and beat Gorno Lisiche, three very important points for the second league debutantes won against the direct rivals for avoiding relegation. With 8 points more than them, Labunishta are now almost safe on the fifth place.

Vlazrimi 77 and Struga recorded lone goal wins away to relegated sides Zajazi and Novaci.

The players of Lokomotiva and Makedonija GjP head into the locker rooms on half-time; photo: Zlatko Topkoski

West Round 20 results:

Gradska plazha stadium in Struga
Labunishta – Gorno Lisiche 3:1 (0:0)
Goals: 48′, 62′ Klime Dalcheski, 60′ Pajazit Saliu – 80′ (pen) Valentino Rafeski
Referee: Petar Mantev (Negotino)

Gradski stadium in Kichevo
Zajazi – Vlazrimi 77 0:1 (0:1)
Goals: 20′ Albulen Imeri
Referee: Plarent Salihi (Tetovo)

Novaci stadium in Novaci
Novaci – Struga 0:1 (0:0)
Goals: 77′ Antonio Kalanoski
Referee: Kristijan Gjurovski (Skopje)

AMS stadium in Tetovo
Teteks – Gostivar 2:0 (1:0)
Goals: 39′ Meriton Saliji, 84′ Filip Jovanovski
Referee: Bobi Velichkov (Veles)

Lokomotiva stadium in Skopje
Lokomotiva – Makedonija GjP 0:3 (0:1)
Goals: 31′ Kristijan Kostovski, 52′ (pen) Bobi Bozhinovski, 86′ Martin Hristov
Referee: Kiril Smokvoski (Prilep)

2.MFL West 2017/18

Promotion | 1.MFL
Play-off |
Relegation | 3.MFL

Borec smashed Pobeda away in Valandovo with five goals to null. Hat-trick hero against the relegated team was Gjorgji Gjorgjiev. With this points Borec now took over the second place that leads into the promotion play-offs.

Fourth game in a row Osogovo is winless. Today they faced the strong team of Bregalnica and held them to a goalless draw thanks to which the visitors lost the second position.

Like Labunishta in the other group, Tikvesh made a move towards securing its place with a win over rivals Plachkovica to escape them on plus 7 points with a match in hand as well.

East Round 20 results:

Gradski stadium in Kavadarci
Tikvesh – Plachkovica 2:1 (0:0)
Goals: 46′ Robert Mitev, 87′ Simeon Simonov – 90’+1 Martin Petrov
Referee: Darko Stojanov (Shtip)

Gradski stadium in Makedonska Kamenica
Sasa – Belasica 0:3 (0:2)
Goals: 15′, 22′ Goran Zdravkov, 69′ Martin Mirchevski
Referee: Faton Mustafi (Tetovo)

Nikola Mantov stadium in Kochani
Osogovo – Bregalnica 0:0
Goals: /
Referee: Darko Stojchevski (Skopje)

Gradski stadium in Valandovo
Pobeda (V) – Borec 0:5 (0:2)
Goals: 32′, 38′, 76′ Gjorgji Gjorgjiev, 70′ Marko Gjorgjievski, 86′ Kristijan Nikolovski
Referee: Vlatko Ilioski (Prilep)

Kozhuf was idle.

2.MFL East 2017/18

Promotion | 1.MFL
Play-off |
Relegation | 3.MFL

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