Osogovo left in the cold

Osogovo doomed from 2nd League

Osogovo left in the coldFourth year in a row Osogovo was so close to get promoted to the 2nd League and failed. This time, FFM didn’t allow the club to enter the competition.

Three times Osogovo was losing in the play-offs to reach the Second League. First they lost from Metalurg 2:1, than they tied Lokomotiva 2:2 but were unlucky on the penalty-shootouts, next season lost 1:0 by Vlazrimi, but last season the club from Kocani was happy because there were no play-offs, meaning that Osogovo, winner of the Third League East, will get promoted to the Second League together with all the other Third League winners.

But, a problem was born – the cotisation. Osogovo, Ohrid Lote, Milano, Cementarnica 55, Vlazrimi and Drita failed to pay the first rent of the cotisation so their participation was questioned. Later, before the season’s draw, FFM announced that all the Second League clubs except Osogovo and Milano have payed the rent and were given license to participate in the Second League. A week later, Osogovo claimed that payed the rent too and protested to FFM to be admited to the League although the shedule was already made. The Football Federation of Macedonia today annouced that they have rejected Osogovo’s demand and that the club from Kocani will play in the Third League East next season as well, the league that they’ve won four seasons in a row.

It’s a real shame that this is happening to Osogovo, a club with great tradition and history, a symbol of the city of Kocani and one of the most successful clubs in eastern Macedonia. The visitors on our forum were exited that this clubs will finaly make a step forward, like Tikves from Kavadarci, but we will have to wait some other season for that to happen.

Three times the luck wasn’t on their side in the play-offs, now FFM went against them as well and left this club in the cold. Seems like they are doomed from the Second League.

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