One more goal for Baze Ilijoski of Brașov

Baze Ilijoski scored his third goal in two league games for Brașov who suffered a 2:1 loss in today’s game against Sportul Studenţesc.

Baze Ilijoski played all 90 minutes for Brașov once again and scored the lone goal for his team in the 17th minute.  Ilijoski controlled a cross by Nuno Viveiros before slotting a shot past the opposing keeper from close range.  That gave Brașov a 1:0 lead but the opponents responded and scored two goals in the 34th and 61st minute to collect the narrow 2:1 win.  

Video of the goal (at 0:10):

However, the game would end controversially after the referee disallowed a Brașov goal in the 90th minute that would have tied the game at 2:2.  Ilijoski was called for a soft foul on the opposing keeper while a cross was being delivered in the area that led to a goal by Brașov midfielder David Distéfano.  Replays showed that the goal was valid as the contact on the keeper was made by his teammate, not Ilijoski.  The Brașov manager was livid after the game and told Romanian newspapers that he is close to quitting coaching with all the referee injustice.  

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