Ohrid manager suspended two games

The Ohrid manager Dragan Antić has been suspended for two games by FFM for unsportsmanlike conduct in which he kicked a bucket of water after his team conceded a goal.

The incident occurred in the match between Ohrid and Napredok on 22 October.  After his side conceded a goal, Antić kicked a bucket of water which FFM decided it was unsportsmanlike conduct so he was handed a two match ban.  The interesting aspect is that Ohrid still won that game 3:1.  The suspension means Antić will miss the upcoming two games against Renova and Teteks.  

Speaking about the suspension, Antić called the ruling by FFM scandalous.  Antić told ohridnews.com the following, “The decision in which I am suspended two games is scandalous.  I was unpleasantly surprised with this decision since my reaction to hit the bucket of water was aimed at my players.  However, even if the suspension was the right call, why did the information come on Friday afternoon when FFM said the suspension was valid from 23 October.  I don’t know in what country this is possible.  If FFM want to help Renova for tomorrow’s game, then they can freely say that.  This decision will not make us weaker, rather we will come out even stronger.”

Dragan Antić also announced he will appeal the decision by the disciplinary committee of FFM.  As mentioned earlier, Ohrid hosts Renova tomorrow at 14:00 CET.  Ohrid has not lost in their last five league games as they have collected three wins with two draws.

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