Official tickets informations

 The football federation of Macedonia has published an official announcement regarding the tickets sale for the two upcoming qualifying matches against Scotland and Netherlands.

The tickets will go on sale on Saturday the 30th of August at 08.00 am CET. The prices are as already announced. Together with this, the FFM and the MOI are sending the following announcement:

Every macedonian fan who would like to buy tickets, can only buy two tickets at most and will have to show ID card. For the visiting fans, the tickets will be given through their football associations and they will be located on the East Stand.
Every visiting fan that will be found on the South or West Stand will be removed from the stadium for his own security. The ticket will be confiscated and against the reseller legal measures will be taken after the control made with the ID card number.

At the same time, the football federation of Macedonia warns all fans on the stadium not to bring any objects that might prove dangerous (coins, lighters etc.) because the tickets will be taken from them and they will not be able to follow the match from the stands.

Of course, there must not be any racistic or unfair behaviour on the stands as FIFA and UEFA are eligible to punish the FFM. There should be fair play on the stadium as well as on the stands and towards the visiting fans.

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