No fracture for Agim Ibraimi

Both Maribor and Agim Ibraimi received good news after an x-ray showed no fracture on Ibraimi’s ankle.

Maribor was worried that the injury could have been serious after Agim was unable to continue in yesterday’s game away to Željezničar.  Ibraimi could not put much pressure on the leg and even Maribor, in its coverage of the game, mentioned the injury did not look good.  However, an x-ray showed no fracture and Ibraimi should return to action soon.  He will be given the next couple of days off to recuperate, but Maribor did not rule out Agim returning as early as next week when the Slovenian club faces F91 Dudelange in the first leg of that tie on 1 August.

Highlights of yesterday’s game between Maribor and Željezničar (goal at 3:10 and injury at 4:10):

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