No changes on the FIFA rankings

FIFA Because there was no football activity during the summer, there were no changes on the FIFA ranking list and Macedonia kept the 53rd position with 589 points.

After last month’s big progress of 11 positions because of the win against Iceland and the point against Norway on the qualifying matches in June, Macedonia stayed on the 53rd position for the ranking of August 2009.


51 Burkina Faso Burkina Faso 598
52 Finland Finland 593
53 FYR Macedonia Macedonia 589
54 Venezuela Venezuela 583
55 Morocco Morocco 570

Brazil holds the leading position in front of Spain, Netherlands, Germany and Italy.

1 Brazil Brazil 1642
2 Spain Spain 1590
3 Netherlands Netherlands 1379
4 Germany Germany 1195
5 Italy Italy 1181

On the rankings only for the UEFA members, Macedonia kept the 30th position. (the actual FIFA placement is shown in the brackets):

(50) 28 Norway Norway 606
(52) 29 Finland Finland 593
(53) 30 FYR Macedonia Macedonia 589
(56) 31 Latvia Latvia 563
(59) 32 Lithuania Lithuania 545

There were no big changes in the position for the other national team from the World Cup 2010 UEFA qualification Group 9. Netherlands is 3rd, Scotland 24th, Norway 50th while only Iceland made a progress of one poistion:

3 Netherlands Netherlands 1379
24 Scotland Scotland 837
50 Norway Norway 606
53 Macedonia Macedonia 589
92 Iceland Iceland 358

The next ranking will be released on 2nd September.

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