Nazi Greek fans vandalised Macedonian club in Australia

Several Greek hooligans broke into the stadium of Altona Magic SC, dug graves, burned the Macedonian flag and put nazi symbols on the grass.

They draw a Greek flag on the center of the field, the nazi Swastika, put drawings on the scoreboard, the goals, the dressing rooms. They also dug 10 graves and probably were about to dug another one but something scared them. They left a note identifying themselfs as the "ultras group of Hellas".

The police started an investigation and told that the hooligans are well known to them. The demage made at the Paisley Park Soccer Complex is about 15.000 australian Dollars.

On Friday, the Macedonian-australian club Altona Magic will play an away  game against the Greek-australian club Port Melbourne. The Greeks are currently at the table top in the Victorian State League Devision 1, while the Macedonians are 5th with 5 points less.

From the Macedonian club are scared that this incident may provoke the Macedonian fans and therefore to follow a revenge and possible problems at the match.

"Such acts are seen to be disgraceful and frowned upon by the whole community. The ground is being repaired and should be fit for training and playing in a matter of weeks. – Lets get on our feet, unite, and support our team this Friday Night at undefeated Port Melbourne @ 8.30" appeared on the official Facebook page of Altona Magic.

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