Ilco Naumoski

Naumoski making problems again

Ilco NaumoskiIlco Naumoski made a scandal in Austria once again, after hitting a man in the face right after the final whistle of a match.

After his Mattersburg lost to Magna Wiener Neustadt yesterday, Ilco Naumoski apparently lost his control and punched one of opposing team’s staff member, Austrian media reports.

RIght after the match that ended 1:0 for Magna Wiener Neustadt, Harald Ertl from the hosts’ team went to talk to Ilco. Ertl shortly stated that he did not said anything bad and knows Ilco from the time when he played in GAK. Yet, something provoked Ilco and he reacted in unacceptable manner.

The referee has noted this event and the Federation (Österreichischer Fußball-Bund) will now decide what punishment will the Macedonian forward get. A private lawsuit will also be filed against Naumoski after Harald Ertl had to be taken to hospital. Mattersburg will also have a club meeting to decide what actions should be taken after this new incident that Ilco caused.


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