Montenegro – Macedonia 2:1

Montenegro - MacedoniaWith another unimpresive performance, the Macedonian national team was defeated on the friendly match away to Montenegro. One mistake by the defence, one mistake by the referee and too many mistakes in the organization and realization of the attacks, cost Macedonia the 60th defeat in the history.


Montenegro – Macedonia 2:1 (2:0)
24' Dzudovic, 33' Jovetic(p) – 85' Popov

Montenegro: Poleksic* (46' Bozovic), Pavicevic* (80' Delic), Dzudovic, Ognjanovic, Pejovic* (56' Novakovic), Zverotic, Boskovic* (70' Jovanovic), Cetkovic* (54' Vujovic), Bozovic, Jovetic* (80' Vucinic), Djalovic* (76' Vukcevic).
Macedonia: Milosevski* (74' Pacovski), Noveski* (46' Mojsov), Popov, Mitreski, Grncarov* (74' Vasoski), Sumulikoski, Trajanov, Pandev* (46' Tasevski), Naumoski* (46' Maznov), Miloseski* (46' Stojkov), Lazarevski* (46' Grozdanoski).
Referee: Novo Panic from Bosnia and Herzegovina. His assistants will be Mujo Tutun and Nikica Tomas, both from B&H. live textual coverage:
Players are on the pitch already, around 20 minutes before kick-off time.
Stadium is slowly filling up, but it certainly looks that this match will not be played in front of a packed stadium.
National anthems have been played, the match will start any minute now.
Igor Mitreski has received small award from FFM's president Hari Hadzi-Risteski for his 50th match for the macedonian national team.
Kick-off. First attack for Macedonia. Macedonia plays in white shirts, while the hosts play in red.
Vanco Trajanov with the first shot of the match. It went wide.
Noveski stops a promising attack for the hosts.
6' Jovetic sends a strong shot, but Milosevski saves the ball.
7' Macedonia with small pressure over Montenegro. 
Excellent chance for Montenegro, but assistant referee has raised the flag for offside. 
A cross from the left side, but Milosevski catches the ball. 
Slowly built move was ruined by Naumoski's bad touch. 
19' First corner kick of the match for Montenegro.
Ognjanovic's header went wide. 
21' Huge chance for Djalovic, but he missed the ball. 
24' 1:0 GOAL! for Montenegro!!! 
Dzudovic was the first to react in a crowded box and Montenegro is up by 1. 
26' Double pass between Pandev and Naumoski failed. 
28' Pandev sends a shot from inside the box, Poleksic blocked the shot. 
31' Pejovic will send the ball in the box. Header but Milosevski saves. 
32' Penalty for Montenegro. A dubious decision. Noveski's tackle seemed fair from here.
33' 2:0 GOAL! Jovetic sends Milosevski the wrong side. Montenegro – Macedonia 2-0. 
Katanec is furious with the referee's penalty decision.
40' Game tempo slowing down. Montenegro with excellent lead.
41' Disallowed goal for Macedonia. Ilco Naumoski was offside. Correct decision.
43' Corner kick for Macedonia. No problems for Montenegro. 
Katanec sends all substitutes to warm-up. 
Yellow card – Dzudovic.
45' Naumoski with an excellent header, goalkeeper blocks the shot.
One minute of added time in the first half. 
Half-time. We will be back after the usual 15 minutes break. 
Ball possession in the first half. Montenegro – Macedonia: 57% – 43% 
Players are on the pitch, everything is ready for the second half to start.
Montenegro will have the first attack.
Several substitutions on both sides.
46' Montenegro sub – Poleksic out, Bozovic in.
46' Macedonia subs – Pandev out, Tasevski in; Noveski out, Mojsov in; Maznov in, Naumoski out; Stojkov in, Miloseski out, Grozdanoski in, Lazarevski out.
49' Maznov sends a header – no problems for Bozovic. 
53' Montenegro sub – Vujovic in, Cetkovic out. 
10 minutes into the second half. The result is the same.
56' Montenegro sub – Pejovic out, Novakovic in. 
Despite the several substitutions by Katanec, Macedonia still doesn't look strong enough to create a serious chance. 
63' Popov sends a strong shot, but the ball sailed past the goal.
64' Dangerous free-kick for Macedonia now.
Instead of a goal for Macedonia, Tasevski gets a yellow card for a free kick being taken too fast.
68' Popov send a ball in the box, Macedonia gets a corner-kick. Ball cleared.
70' Sub for Montenegro – Jovanovic in, Boskovic out.
73' Vasoski will make it to the match.
74' Grncarov out, Vasoski in.
74' Milosevski out, Pacovski in.
76' Vukcevic on the place of Djalovic. 
77' Trajanov sends a shot from 25 meters, but Bozovic blocks the shot. 
80' Vucinic instead of Jovetic and Delic instead of Pavicevic. 
82' Stojkov had a chance to score a goal, but once again ball went high. 
84' Montenegro with several consecutive attacks, but Pacovski saves twice. On the opposite side Stojkov had an attempt, but unsuccessful. 
Excellent running for Grozdanoski down the right flank, good cross, Popov got the ball and send a shot behind Bozovic's back and into the net.
One minute from time, Macedonia has chance for 2-2. Tasevski sends a shot, but Bozovic saves.
4 minutes of added time. 
Possibly the last chance for Macedonia now. Pacovski sends the ball in to the center of the park. 
Corner for Macedonia! Nothing from it.
93' The friendly match was close to end with unfriendly scenes after the very unprofessional behavior by Vucinic because of Mitreski's foul over him.
The referee decides to end the nervous moments and ends the match a minute earlier.
FT! Montenegro wins with 2:1

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