Mirko Ivanovski looking to leave Arka Gdynia

Mirko Ivanovski; photo: arka.gdynia.plAfter the most recent game against Sandecja Nowy Sącz, in which he also scored a goal, Mirko Ivanovski commented after the match that he will be looking to leave Arka Gdynia during the January transfer window.

Mirko Ivanovski told arkowcy.pl that he has enjoyed his time with Arka Gdynia but he no longer wants to play in the Polish second division.  Since the team is currently in eight place and unlikely to win promotion, he will be looking to leave the club during the January transfer window.  This past Saturday, Arka played their final game during the first half of the season before the long winter break gets underway.  The next league game for Arka is not until March of 2012 so Ivanovski likely played his final game for the Polish club.  When asked whether his priority is a new contract with Arka or a new club, Mirko shortly answered “new club.”

Ivanovski was also asked whether he gets angry when he is on the bench in favor of someone weaker like Ensar Arifović?  Ivanovski answered, “Yeah, I come back from the national team and sit on the bench.  I’m very angry, like any ambitious player in this situation.”  With regards to his future, Mirko stated, “In the January market, I want to join a team in the top division or leave Poland altogether.  I will consider offers from every top division side except Lechia Gdańsk out of respect to Arka Gdynia fans.” 

Mirko Ivanovski’s contract with Arka ends in the summer of 2012.  However, these comments are dangerous for Ivanovski if he is unable to find a club during the January transfer window.  In that scenario, Mirko will have several months on his contract and these comments are sure to further anger the Arka manager and the club management who might decide to remove Ivanovski from the first team and relegate him to train with the reserves.

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