A training session of Metalurg

Metalurg releases several players

A training session of MetalurgAfter 6 rounds and 3 defeats, Metalurg’s management has decided to release several players.

Although tipped to be one of the major contestants for the title this season, Metalurg surely did not have the start they had in mind.  After 6 rounds, they occupy the 6th position with 9 points.  As a comparison, last season, after 33 rounds, Metalurg had just 4 defeats. This season, they already have 3, plus they also played a 3:3 draw at home against Horizont Turnovo in the first leg of the 1/8 finals of the Macedonian Cup.

The management decided it is time to make some changes.  As we unofficially found out, Igor Kralevski, Agron Memedi, Aleksandar Tenekedjiev, Dragan Nachevski are no longer with the club as they have been released from their duties.  All of these players were regulars during the past season, so the roster will surely be changed.  Whether the main sponsor, Mincho Jordanov’s Makstil is slightly changing its ambitions or the club wishes to rely on its younger players, remains to be seen.  For now, manager Gjorgji Hristov remains in charge.  Metalurg’s next match is against Napredok at home, on Sunday.

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