Metalurg building a strong team

MetalurgMetalurg has shown that has serious ambitions for the upcoming season with the new players they have acquired. Several new well-known Macedonian players have already signed with Metalurg and the club is getting ready for a successful season.

Blagojce Rutevski, ex-Pelister’s playmaker and one of the best players from the club from Bitola for last season, has signed for Metalurg. Dimitrija Lazarevski has returned from Belgium and also reinforced Gjore Jovanovski’s team, Blagojce Gesoski left Milano and will be added to the attack. Experienced Mile Krstev has also joined the team from ‘Zelezarnica’. Having maintained in the first league after the play-off match against Bregalnica, Metalurg have started a serious rebuilding of the squad and they will enter the new season with high ambitions and possibly will be one of the contenders for the highest spots.

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